Rodriguez dumps Barbarella, I celebrate

This gave me my first pre-pubescent woody. I was frightened.

This gave me my first pre-pubescent woody. I was frightened.

It was all sunshines and rainbows and unicorn steak feasts for Robert Rodriguez ever since announcing he’d taken over the Predator franchise. I wanted that movie to happen, and I’m sure a bunch of others did as well. So, to expedite that process, he’s had to dump his Barbarella movie! After spending the better part of two years setting this up, he had to drop the project because his German financiers demanded he filmed and edited the entire movie in the country.

And we all know how much Rodriguez hates those filthy Germans!

Okay, he doesn’t. More that he likes filming near his wife and kids and couldn’t fathom being away from them that long. So, potentially cool remake out of the way, I hope he puts the majority of his attention on Predator after finishing up his other potentially cool flicks, Sin City 2 and Machete.

I see this as a win-win, really. Although I appreciated the original Barbarella in that way only pre-pubescent boys discovering it on late night TV can, I wouldn’t exactly say I enjoyed the movie. It was on a couple years back and I just couldn’t stand it, really. I also know there are a lot of die hard Barbarella fans out there who loathe a remake. So, with the movie dumped Rodriguez won’t have to face the scrutiny and Predator fans can have an earlier relaunch than expected!



2 Responses to Rodriguez dumps Barbarella, I celebrate

  1. Serafima says:

    “If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight as yet, you have no soul”Not got round to it yet. I get put off by hype surrounding films, so uslauly end up watching them on DVD/TV after a few years.One day I’ll watch LOTR!

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