And Green Lantern could be…

This is just creepy

This is just creepy

…a younger, prettier, version of Sean Penn?

Oh wait, that’s Bradley Cooper, and no you shouldn’t know you he is. HitFix is reporting a reportedly “exclusive” reveal that Mr. Pen-er-Cooper here is the top candidate for Martin Campbell’s upcoming Green Lantern flick, scheduled to begin filming later this summer.

That’s…great for Bradley Cooper, I guess. This also spells doom for my personal preference of David Boreanaz being Hal Jordan. I mean, Boreanaz has the chin, is the right age and is built for the role. Plus he has the charisma. He also did Hal Jordan’s voice in Justice League: The New Frontier! I know, it was only a fanboy’s dream, but this fanboy also dreamed of Christian Bale as Batman months before it was announced he was signed.

So just who is this sod named Bradley Cooper? Well, he was in Alias for awhile, so I guess he isn’t exactly a nobody. Yeah, I’m probably being a bit hard on Cooper mainly because he wasn’t even on my radar for the role, and technically he hasn’t even signed yet.

So there’s hope yet for Boreanaz, right? Okay, there isn’t…


5 Responses to And Green Lantern could be…

  1. Thumbu says:

    He was actually on SNL, some months ago, and the running joke during the monologue was that no one knew who he was. He was actually very funny during the show, so that’s promising. Still, neither my friend nor I could figure out how he manages to pull of such a 90s haircut so deep into the aughts?

  2. J.C. Freñán says:

    FWIW, Cooper was also quite funny in Season 5 of ‘nip/tuck’ and one of the early ‘Stella’ shorts… Good looking guy.

    • Sang says:

      Well, I have faith Martin Campbell knows what he’s doing with GL so if Cooper’s the man I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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