Today in TV

A few quick tidbits caught my attention, and I think they should catch yours as well:

  • NBC announces renewals and new shows, none of which were Chuck. They still haven’t out right cancelled it yet but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Which is unfortunate because the season ended on a really great note and cliffhanger. This is made all the worse by certain sources saying Chuck was definitely going to be on the renewed list.
  • On the bright side, Peter Krause gets another show in NBCs Parenthood. Will it be any good? Probably not, but at least Krause is working again.
  • FOX renews Fringe for a second season, like that wasn’t already a given. Probably the best rookie show on television.
  • FOX also renews The Cleveland Show for a second season! And no, you didn’t miss the first because it hasn’t fucking aired yet. I kind of want this show to fail now, just to screw Fox over for jumping the gun so soon. Boy, I sure wished Fox gave Dollhouse a second season before it even began airing.

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