Quick, belated, Wolverine review

wolverine-origins-jackmanAfter a 2 day delay, I finally got my ass to the theatre to see if the movie deserved its estimated $87 million weekend.

Honestly I was going to write an in depth review about how bad the movie is, but I’m sure anyone who went to see it already knows. Plus, it’d be putting a little too much effort into something that thoroughly does not deserve it. To save some time while still being informative, say hello to the Bullet Point family!

The Good

  • Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. These two guys do their damnedest to elevate the movie, and to a degree they do. To a degree.
  • Wade Wilson. As a confessed Reynolds fan, I really enjoyed his take on the constantly talking and super deadly Wade Wilson, cutting bullets in half and what not.

The Bad

  • Gambit. Taylor Kitsch is a good actor and I love him in Friday Night Lights, but his take on Remy LeBeau is less than inspired. He doesn’t really do much and there’s not even a pretense of a Cajun accent!
  • Emma Frost. I have no idea who Tahyna Tozzi but as Emma Frost she commited two deadly sins – she looks nothing like Emma Frost and acted nothing like Emma Frost.
  • The storyline. It’s not that it sucked, but that its so wholeheartedly mediocre that it’s pure averageness dragged themovie down. Plus, it doesn’t show why Logan/James/Wolverine is “the best at what he does.” Sure, he says it, but nothing up until that point in the movie actually shows him doing anything badass. Just standing around looking remorseful.

The Ugly

  • The special FX. For a movie made in 2009 and for $150 million, this movie looks atrocious. The bathroom scene where Logan plays with his metal claws for the first time looks worse than TV quality. Explosions don’t fit the foreground and whenever powers are used it looks disjointed. Nobody moves the right way. And worse of all – it feels small. Every single scene in the movie feels claustrophobic and minute.
  • Deadpool!!!! Sure, Wade was good, but when he (um, spoilers, but not really) turns up again as Weapon XI aka Deadpool later on, the movie deprives him of why we love Deadpool – his mouth! They literally get rid of it and just make him into a hybrid mutant killing machine with no personality. And just like that, he dies. The end. Wasted potential.

6 Responses to Quick, belated, Wolverine review

  1. I didn’t read quite all of that, since I still haven’t watched the movie.


    There should be blood.

    There is no excuse for horrid CG in a movie of this caliber

    Why can’t the X-men movies be up in the same area of awesome as Iron Man is?

  2. Let me rephrase the whole, “There should be blood” thing. There should be amazingly brutal and bloody death scenes in the movie involving Logan and his claws.

    • Sang says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with the blood and guts, but if this were R-rated, you can bet your ass the opening weekedn would have been about half of what it is.

  3. Yeah, and considering it still would have beep #1 at half of it’s $80 million income. It made more than all the other movies in the top 10 did, combined! Look!

  4. Another good actor for Wolverine could have been the Hoff, but he is always too drunk. Haha, sorry, I needed to share this with you. Poor David needs help.

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