Wolverine comes out today!

Mon aime! Please don't suck, suga'.

Mon aime! Please don't suck, suga'.

Whoo! I am so filled with timid excitement! I know this movie will most likely be atrocious which is why I’m adjusting my expectations accordingly. After all, if I expect it to be horrible and it turns out to be subpar, that means I come out on top right?

Oh, what I do for Wolverine, my fourth favourite comic book character! On the bright side, I’m one of the few people who enjoyed Daredevil (the unrated version) and Punisher Warzone (love the ultra violence), and this movie should at least be better than those. I still wished this was an R-rated flick, though, seeing that eviscerating fuckers is what Wolverine is best at.

I doubt I’ll be seeing things like this:

Yeah, not so PG-13...

Yeah, not so PG-13...


5 Responses to Wolverine comes out today!

  1. flyfrog says:

    Man, I’m loving the Wolverine series (the Millar arc) right now. Probably the best thing coming out of Marvel.

  2. Sang says:

    Millar and McNiven’s Old Man Logan story is a sight to behold. Sure, not exactly the most substantial storyline but it’s everything a summer blockbuster should be – non-stop set pieces, shocking revelations and gory as all hell.

  3. Sang, it’s too bad you weren’t a fan in Tempe, Arizona. Fans who camped outside the day before, for the Monday premier, got a free breakfast from Wolverine himself. Look here!

  4. Sang says:

    Hugh Jackman’s the classiest guy working in Hollywood right now.

  5. My girlfriend has a crush on him. *sigh* But so do I.

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