The new Microsoft Xii?

xbox-sensorbar-001What’s great about not wasting time watching what is most likely a subpar movie is that I suddenly have some time to write an epic blog post! Okay, that’s a lie. A dirty, disgusting, shave your hair off kind of lie.

Anyways…Engadget just leaked a potentially major story. Apparently Microsoft is seeking to reinvent the way we plays games and blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard the same line from each console company ad nausea over the decades. So, what’s Microsoft’s super-duper-cooper-pooper plan? A sensor bar! From the future! Now!

Apparently it’s like the Wii sensor bar, only you are the Wiimote! Huh. I highly doubt this news leak is anywhere close to accurate as to what that little white bar actually is. If it is right, then again I say – huh. I play games on my 360, with my controller, on my TV. This is the 360’s purpose to me. It’s fulfilled that obligation faithfully, with only one casualty over the last 3 and a half years. The Wii already has the casual market on its stomach, a big fat Miyamoto cock up its ass. I doubt this full body motion controller is going to be making very much headway into that forum.

Get over it Microsoft. You aimed the 360 as a hardcore gaming brand. To associate it with the geek/nerd/dweeb/drunken-frat-douchebag demographic. You’ve more than succeeded, but in doing so you gave up any chance of mainstream inroads.

Pimp Miyamoto does not let his bitches go easy.


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