District 9 trailer hits

district-9-marketing-posterNeill Blomkamp was the guy tapped by Peter Jackson himself to bring Halo to the big screen. When the studios interfered and the complaints about budgets and royalties turned up, the project was effectively murdered, much to the chagrin of stoned college students and racist 12 year olds across America.

Well, Jackson gave Blomkamp a decent budget and told him to go wild. The result of that is the feature length version of Alive in Joburg (embedded down below) called District 9. It’s pretty much an allegory to illegal ‘aliens’ in America, only taking place in South Africa and being much more literal. Alive in Joburg was an interesting short film and District 9 looks even better. It’s shot as a fake documentary and some of the imagery is gorgeous.

The trailer can be found here.

And here’s Blomkamp’s Alive in Joburg.


One Response to District 9 trailer hits

  1. machmacha says:

    I really enjoyed Alive in Joburg and was looking forward to the Halo movie. Sucks that was cancelled, but at least District 9 looks crazy good.

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