Bracing for Wolverine



X-Men Origins: Wolverine (God that’s still an awful title) comes out in a couple of days and, despite my brain screaming it’ll be horrendous, I’m looking forward to it. Wolverine was the first superhero I idolized. He was the badass loner who’s a softy on the inside and fiercely loyal to his friends and compatriots. He was also indestructible, so that’s a plus.

Hugh Jackman pulled off the impossible with the first X-Men – he actually pulled off a live action Wolverine. Sure, he was about 8 inches too tall (but the comics have also forgotten Logan’s supposed to be 5 feet, so I can let this slide) and a lot more handsome than Wolverine had any right to be. But he nailed it. He had that badassery about him that scream, “I’mma tear your fucking throat out with my teeth, bub.” It can be argued that he carried the three X-Men movies, though the burden of Ratner became a little too heavy even for his burly shoulders with X-Men 3.

Well, the studios saw fit to bestow Jackson and the character a movie all his own and from the trailers so far, it looks kind of…Oh, I’m not going to sugar coat it. It looks awful. For a Wolverine origin story, it sure is packing in a lot of characters not called Wolverine (or Logan, or John). Yes, for Marvel fanboys simply seeing all of the cameos – like Gambit, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Deadpool – is enough to extract a couple hours of orgasmic pleasure, but this isn’t a Wolverine origin story anymore.

The trailers make the movie look like a highlight reel of every backstory tidbit ever made for the character, thrown at you one after another. But I guess the best thing i can do is to not expect a proper origin story. Not to expect a film version of Bill Jemas’ Origin miniseries, which was fantastic.

I understand a proper origin flick would probably be too action deprived for a summer tentpole movie, too dark and grisly for a PG-13, but I don’t understand why they called this ‘Origins’. Why not just Wolverine? Why even hint at an origin movie when you’re more interested in showing non-stop comic violence and spectacle?

There are a few things about the movie helping to maintain this inexplicable excitement, though. Gavin Hood is an interesting choice for director, and his movie Tsotsi was grim and gritty and astonishingly moving. Hugh Jackman is just charisma incarnate, so it’s always fun watching him in any movie (minus Van Helsing. I mean Kate and Leopold was better than that piece of crap).

Plus, it’s a brainless summer movie, so I’m probably over analysing this. Just give me some Gambit being Gambit and I’ll probably be tide over this Friday.


3 Responses to Bracing for Wolverine

  1. abi247 says:

    I’m just looking forward to a movie that is brainless action and this looks perfect.

  2. I really loved the Origins miniseries (the one that was set in ye olde times). The rest of the stuff in the trailer I could probably do without, particularly all of the cameos. It’s got 43% on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment, which I guess is pretty bad.

    I might go and see it anyway, but I can’t say I’m a big enough X-Men fan to buy a cinema ticket for it. They’re insanely expensive in Ireland, even with my 10% (or whatever it is) student discount 😦

    • Sang says:

      Movie tickets have gone way beyond reasonable everywhere. Here in Canada it’s $12 a pop, which is about 7 and a half Euros.

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