Supreme Court says no to expletives on television

341px-seal_of_the_supreme_court_of_the_united_statessvgThe Supreme Court just finished ruling on whether or not it was lawful for the FCC to fine networks when expletives were used on air, even if it’s a live broadcast situation that could never have been foreseen and censored in time.

Verdict? Score one for the FCC. Apparently even curse words in a PBS documentary that had footage of soldiers swearing were considered indecent and sexual.

Personally, I think this is all a load of bull. The thing about network television is that they probably won’t be putting swear words into their broadcasts whether or not the FCC existed, seeing that parents don’t exactly want their kids listening to expletives and could change the channel. It could’ve been entirely self-regulated, but now the Supreme Court puts law on the side of the FCC, and this may very well stifle creativity in the future if the FCC suddenly deemed words like “damn” or “hell” or “frak” were now considered too lewd.

I mean, what the fuck Supreme Court?



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