Heroes concludes and so does my brain

Look at me, I'm a deus ex mahina!

Look at me, I'm a deus ex machina!

Well, I just saw the conclusion of Heroes’ third season and *significant spoilers starting* that was some bullshit they pulled off.

Ooooh, they actually killed Peter Petrelli. Nice. Took the show three attempts to pull it off, but at least they went through with it. It was a wicked slice to the throat, too. Blood gushing was a nice detail.

Oh, wait, this is Heroes so obviously this would be too easy. Oh no, we can’t just leave him dead. Instead, let’s transfer his memories over to Sylar (or something like that) and have Sylar permanently stay as Nathan and let’s all pretend Nathan never really died! My God, is Angela, and ipso facto the writers of Heroes, really this desperate to keep Nathan around? It completely ruins the drama when a show blatantly tells you that dead does not mean dead. Ali Larter coming back from exploding as ice was another example.

Here I thought her powers was to freeze things and NOT ACTUALLY BE WATER herself. Please, stop introducing wild new powers for the characters. This just shows weak writing, where instead of creatively writing themselves out of a tough situation, they just pile on one ludicrous notion or plot twist on top of another.

Heroes, you’ve sucked a great deal during these last two years. I guess it wasn’t surprising you would end the season on your lowest note yet.


4 Responses to Heroes concludes and so does my brain

  1. Sylar says:

    I thought the ending was great! It set up a new dramatic elment that looks like itll be awesome. Just imagine it – nathan/sylar struggling between who he really is. The nest volume is called redemption so I’m excited about seeing Sylar finally becoming a good guy (if thats what the title means).

  2. maximus says:

    nah man the ending for heroes was a joke. this series hasnt been good for years.

  3. i stopped watching 2 episodes into the second series, the last time this show was good was back in the days of season one

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