Chuck also ends, and revives me along with it

God she's hot.

God she's hot.

After the mind melting experience that was the Heroes finale, Chuck comes along and does what it does best – be one of the bright spots on TV. I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘great’ series, but it’s damn fun and every episode just leaves you feeling good afterwards.

Well, yesterday’s episode was the season, and quite possibly the series, finale and it certainly felt like one. Wrapping up the Fulcrum storyline while introducing and even bigger conspiratorial organization (I mean, the US government sure knows very little), the series knows how to keep the status quo while building upon it.

But who didn’t see *spoilers* Chuck getting the Intersect back in his head? Plus, I can of called the new Intersect turning him into a super soldier the moment Bryce mentioned modifications and that Orion doesn’t know what was changed.That was cool. What wasn’t as cool, though, was Chuck actually fighting. It was, in its way, probably the worst fight I’ve ever seen on TV. First the camera was panning and zooming enough to induce seizures in children to over up Zachary Levi’s lack of physical prowess, second the actual choreography was in shambles.

If this really is the end for the series, I had a good time and it does have enough closure to be rather satisfying. And look at the bright side – the show ended before it could jump the shark.


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