Opinions on ABC’s renewal announcements

Beating its fellow networks to the punch (so fast, in fact, that I didn’t even notice until today), ABC announced its fall renewals. Though largely devoid of surprise, it did bring with it a number of disappointments. Let’s break down the scripted shows that got the go ahead and those that got an axe to the side of the cranium (sort of. We don’t know if they’re actually cancelled).

Does anyone actually think she's ugly? Isn't that false advertisement?

Does anyone actually think she's ugly? Isn't that false advertisement?


  • Grey’s Anatomy: ABC’s grip on the psyche’s of women everywhere continues on for one more season. God I hate this show, but every member of the fairer sex I know loves it unrepentantly. Just imagine your doctors being like this. I’m surprised they don’t get a civil suit against them daily. Dr. House may be a nihilistic jackass, but he and his crew understand the patient comes first, not interpersonal relationships.
  • Desperate Housewives: One of my personal guilty pleasures. I never tune in Sundays to watch it, but if I ever catch a rerun you can bet I enjoy it. It’s actually pretty funny so I don’t mind ABC’s decision. I’ve been a Teri Hatcher fan since grade school when my family only had 3 channels and the Adventures of Louis and Clarke was shown everyday, and defying time itself she still looks smoking hot over a decade later.
  • Private Practice: It’s everything I hate about Grey’s Anatomy, only worse.
  • Ugly Betty: I really like this show and I’m not afraid to say it. There are few shows out there as funny and genuinely sincere. Despite meandering ratings, I hope ABC gives this show as many seasons as it needs.
  • Lost: Not exactly a ‘renewal’ in that it was already signed on for a final season. One of the top-5 network shows on TV right now. No other comments to be had, really. By now you either know you love the show or you don’t.

We still love you Mr. Fillion. In a bromantic kind of way.

We still love you Mr. Fillion. In a bromantic kind of way.

In The Dark

  • The Unusuals: This started off as garbage, but I’ve been catching up online and it is getting progressively better. As it is, it’s very entertaining trash. Well, 1/3 entertaining as only one of the detective teams is actually “unusual.” If you watch the show, you know which duo. I could take or leave The Unusuals as a whole, but I’d like it if they somehow made another show entirely on Delahoy and Banks.
  • Scrubs: I think everybody knew Scrubs didn’t have too much time left. Everybody who knows me knows I hate this show. It just seems so…glib.
  • In The Motherhood: I think everybody heard the death bells ring when the 13 episode initial order was severed in half after the first episode aired. I haven’t seen it myself, so I feel qualified to say its been a waste of TV viewers time.
  • Better Off Ted: Along with Motherhood I have yet to see a single episode of Ted, but I have heard it was akin to a less funny 30 Rock. Plus, the title is a pun so that’s gotta be a god thing right? Unfortunately, its declining ratings are anything but good for the show.
  • Castle: Now this is the show I’m most concerned about. Oh, Nathan Fillion, why do you continue to have such bad luck with television shows? First Fox royally screws you and Firefly over with its atrocious scheduling and now ABC doesn’t even bother to give you an early renewal? The unfortunate thing about it is Castle is actually a solid show that was only enhanced by Fillion’s effortless performance, not because of it. Plus the ratings have been rather solid. I guess the slight decline week to week is what’s currently keeping ABC from giving the show another shot.

The reality renewals I don’t give two shits about but maybe you do: Extreme Makeover, Supernanny, Wife Swap, AFHVs, and ratings cash cows Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelor.

Initial announcement from the Hollywood Reporter.


3 Responses to Opinions on ABC’s renewal announcements

  1. Kristen says:

    Grays anatomy is an awesome show! Better than house.


    Sorry, I had the urge to say something totally odd.

    I really want to watch Castle damn it! Nathan Fillion is my man crush. He will always be Mal to me *hearts* I will own it when it hits dvd/blu-ray.

  3. Wow that is a nice Thread i liked it, was very exiting to read about it.

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