New Lovely Bones images

Get away from that field Susie!

Get away from that field Susie!

The current issue of Empire magazine has a slew of new images from Peter Jackson’s new movie The Lovely Bones.

Maybe not quite ‘geek’ material, but it is Peter Jackson and The Lovely Bones was one of my favourite books from a few years back. I’ll admit it’s one of those books I’ll never pick up to read again, but it was definitely an emotional gut check the first time through and you should definitely check it out. I think it’s in affordable paper back by now.

The movie itself opens on December 11th, and stars Saorise Ronan (the girl who fucked everyone over in Atonement) as Susie, a girl who’s raped and murdered but continues to monitor her grieving family from heaven. It also stars Susan Sarandon, Mark Walhberg and Rachel Weisz.

The only nitpick is with Marky Mark there. Though definitely a fine actor, I just never imagined someone like him as Jack Salmon. Maybe someone like Bill Paxton. Oh well, he’ll probably prove my doubts baseless. I’m just looking forward to what Jackson and WETA pull off with the heaven sequences.

If nothing gets messed up during the book to movie transition (and Jackson has made a career on book to movie transitions), I can’t see why this wouldn’t be a strong Oscar contender.

The Empire scans after the break.

Click the images for much, much larger scans.






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