The Bioshock movie is so awesome, studio halts production!

There vill be no shocking of the bio!

There vill be no shocking of the bio!

It was reported awhile back that Pirates of the Caribbean and Ring director Gore Verbinski was readying himself to helm a Bioshock flick in lieu of the fourth Pirates, and all was well with the geek world. Now, despite your opinion on Gore Verbinski or the Pirates franchise, you had to admit – Verbinski knew how to make water related flicks. Whatever misgivings you thought about the plot and characters, everything around them – the sets, the effects, the cinematography – was fucking astounding.

And to hear that this newly minted AAA-list director gave up the guaranteed lucrativity (I made that word up, so don’t bother) of a fourth Pirates movie to make a ‘simple’ video game flick? That was both astounding and very heartening to video game fans everywhere. Finally, this shit is getting taken seriously! It’s go time, baby.

Well, Variety reports that go time just got delayed – the plug’s been pulled from the project. Why? Because Verbinski’s vision was going to cost Universal in excess of $160 million. This would make it bar none the most expensive video game adaptation ever.

Well, The Spirits Within cost a metric ton, but who really remembers that garbage?

Says Verbinski, “We are evaluating whether this is something we want to do. In the meantime, the film is in a holding pattern.”

In other words? Universal is strong arming the production into taking a much lower budget. Which also means there’s a good chance the director will jump on board another, more budget restraint free (perhaps something to do with swashbuckling?) movie. I knew Verbinski and a Bioshock movie done right sounded too good. I mean, shouldn’t Universal have realized just how much the movie would cost to make when examining what video game properties to license? The game takes place in a mega city under the fucking ocean!

That costs money to realize!

Plus, why bother to hire Verbinski, whose last two movies cost over $200 million to make and then complain about the movie costing too much? Come on, Universal. You can’t buy a lion and then try to return it when it kills your other pets.

Oh well, at least now we’ll get another Pirates movie, right? *Sigh*,yeah, I know.



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