Schwarzenegger goes digital for Salvation

Explaining California's economic stimulus

Explaining California's economic stimulus

It was just confirmed that A-hnuld will in fact be a part of McG’s upcoming Terminator Salvation. How does a busy Governor find time away from his job (tha he’s doing oh so good a job at) to reprise his stint?

He didn’t have to leave his office!

Using the magic of digital effects, they made a body cast of the man and will be digitally inserting it onto an actual actor playing him in the movie.


'Kick'ingered out of the movie

I don’t know how well this is going to turn out, but I do feel sorry for Roland Kickinger, who’s currently playing  ‘playing’ the T-800. I mean, you get a big shot in a ginormous summer blockbuster, and then you find out you’ll be digitally casted over by a perfect pixelated Governator? Ouch. And Kickinger played a damned convincing Schwarzenegger in that made for TV docu-drama.

Oh well, thems the breaks.

Plus, it’s nice to know that Schwarzenegger hasn’t gone so political that he can’t allow himself to make an appearance (sort of) in a beat-em-up drag-em-out summer action orgy.

Story was broken by Variety.


One Response to Schwarzenegger goes digital for Salvation

  1. Oh yes. I will be in the theater no matter what, now! PG-13 or not, if Arnold is even kind of remotely involved in the movie, you can bet I am there to shout out random Arnold quotes!

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