Rodriguez rebooting Predator franchise!

"You're one... *ugly* motherfucker! "

"You're one... *ugly* motherfucker! "

Fox had done something very special when they green-lit the Aliens Vs Predator movies – they effectively franchicided two fan favourite properties with one stone, alienating millions in the process and creating a perception for the new generation of geek that these once frighteningly awesome movie monsters  , MTV induced garbage.

Well, news has gotten out that Fox may have finally seen the light of reason. Not only is the next Predator movie have nothing to do with aliens, it’ll also be helmed by Robert Rodriguez. Now, I know Rodriguez is a more polarizing name than even Tarantino, but having him control the project will mean these very important things:

  • You can bet your ass he’s going for the hard R-rating Predator built itself on. Not the PG-13 shit of Paul WS Anderson. And yes, I know AVP Requiem was R-rated, but that was too awful to even be considered a “film”.
  • This man is a fan of the franchise. He even scipted a grandiose Predator 3 back in the day that he had to ditch because it simply would have cost too much money.
  • The new movie is “Predators”, with the ‘s’. Fuck yes for multiple killing machines running around.
  • Hey, he isn’t exactly a hack no name director like “The Brothers Strause.”

I fully believe that if the franchise is to be resurrected there’s little out there that’s better than having Rodriguez doing the CPR. At the very least it’ll be a very pretty looking, blood soaked affair.

Hopefully, no Predator/human romantic underpinnings ala AVP.

“I’m going to be able to shoot my upcoming ‘Machete’ here, a sci-fi action film called ‘Nerverackers,’ a re-boot of the ‘Predator’ series called ‘Predators,’ and a couple of smaller movies called ‘Sin City 2’ and ‘The Jetsons,'” he told the press in a Texas press conference.


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One Response to Rodriguez rebooting Predator franchise!

  1. I just I just came. And no, not spontaneously. I jerked off six times just reading the title.

    *tears of joy*

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