Stephen Fry is one smiling, conniving cat…

Yeah...I see it now!

Yeah...I see it now!

I love Stephen Fry. Looove the dude. From A bit of Fry and Laurie to a bunch of his voice work, Fry’s definitely in my Top 5 Brits Who Are Cool list. Hugh Laurie dominates the other four spots.

And now it’s been announced on his Twitter that Fry will be the voice of the Cheshire Cat in the upcoming Alice in Wonderland flick. Yeah, the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. Which makes me all the more excited. In my eyes Burton has yet to make a bad movie. Less than stellar? Oh hell yes – I’m looking at you Planet of the Apes – but he hasn’t made anything that can be considered awful by the majority.

So, my reaction to this?

  1. Isn’t it already obvious?
  2. Shock that Stephen Fry has a Twitter account.
  3. Relative glee.

Oh, and if were too lazy to click on over to Fry’s Twitter either in laziness or some inherent distaste in 140 character opinions and updates, here’s the post in full:

Playing Cheshire Cat. Smug, complacent, cheese-eating grin – moi? Walking off to studio in next ten minutes.”

That’s only 108 characters! Who needs 140?


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