The good, the bad, and the ugly of Bioshock 2!

This butterfly's gonna get messed up.

This butterfly's gonna get messed up.

I loved me my Bioshock. Loved it. Something about its art deco motif and chilling story just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go, ravaging me over and over again (I still cry about it in the shower sometimes). Pretty much taking Ayn Rand’s objectivism and showing what a world built on it would be like – it involves mutants and everybody being dead – Bioshock was one of the few games you can hold up and say, “yep, I can show this to my literary pals, the snobby bastards.”

Gamespot just recently put up a rather comprehensive preview of Bioshock 2, which is due out sometime this fall to 360, PS3 and PC. But like so many previews these days, the Gamespot preview goes on and on and on. And on. It’s three damned pages. So let’s just break down the good, the bad, and the ugly in easy to manage and time saving point form – along with some personal opinions on what has been shown.

The Good

  • This game is indeed a sequel, taking place ten years after the original’s conclusion. Thank god it isn’t a bullshit prequel. I hate prequels with a passion, which is why I loathe the concept of the upcoming Caprica (shout out to fellow BSG fans).
  • A compelling narrative, with one of the freed Little Sisters of the first game not coping and returning to Rapture to become a Big Sister. Man, what an ungrateful brat! But does anyone else smell a red herring? I’m laying down $10 she turns out to be the real hero.
  • Expansion of the environmental impact of ADAM on Rapture, deforming the plant life around and in it. Because really, every self-respecting Bioshock fan is fascinated by the evolution of Rapture’s flora. Maybe next time we’ll learn about the fauna, right? Oh, a man can dream!
  • Being a Big Daddy yourself, you get a big ass drill to tear people apart with as well as a bunch of other Big Daddy centric guns.
  • It’s a new Bioshock!

The Bad

  • Remember how cool it was when you became a Big Daddy at the end of the first game, and the entire thing had a HUD that looked like the inside of an ancient deep sea diver? Well, that HUD is gone.
  • Why the hell is the Little Sisters gimmick still around? Last I recalled Jack (you) saved them all at the end of the first. I know they’re kind of a staple (if you can have a staple after only two games) of the series, but it makes no narrative sense.
  • Graphics don’t really look that much improved. Sue me, I like me my eye candy. Not that this is necessarily bad (the original was damned pretty) but you do expect more after two years.
  • Despite having a big ass drill, it doesn’t really look to be too effective or fun to use.
  • Like the complaints about being a Big Daddy in the original, it doesn’t look like you have any heft to yourself. I mean, aren’t you supposed to be a half ton steel beast?
  • This isn’t made by the same studio that made the first. Sure, they said Ken Levine would help produce it, but I doubt he has much time to fly across the country to California (where 2K Marin is located) from Boston all that much during a year.

The Ugly

  • The Big Sister design. Blech. It’s like someone on the 2K Marin staff decided to infuse every aspect of bad anime design (over abundance of leather, belts and a fucking ribbon) and mix it with stereotypical death metal rock, plus a dash of gothy doucheness. Just…just look at her!

"I'm supposed to be cool. I'm not."

"I'm supposed to be cool. I'm not."


13 Responses to The good, the bad, and the ugly of Bioshock 2!

  1. JOn says:

    So you’re giving a recap of the preview? Why am I reading this?

    • Sang says:

      A quick recap, yes, but also my personal opinion on the available information. I’d have written something very similar if I had the chance to play the preview build myself. I’m not a big fan of looooooooooooong reviews/previews, so I’m just making it snappier, and hopefully more amusing, while still giving the points that matter.

  2. He did mention, at the beginning, that he was recapping the preview. If you had already read it, and didn’t feel like reading more of the same, maybe you should have taken the hint?

    Though, you do make it more amusing to read, Sang. *fist bump*

    The Big Sisters look like they would fall over. They need to tone it down some, or else make them bigger. Or maybe little sisters driving a bad ass mech.

  3. Laynix says:

    Big sister or not, I still want to play it.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve always been a bit dubious about the prospect of a Bioshock sequel, but after seeing the preview I don’t think this will suck. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will approach the high mark set by the first one…

  5. Damn it, now I want to play the first one. *sigh* I am going to play through it in the next week or so I think.

  6. Dogma says:

    LAME. You haven’t even played the game and you’re judging it’s controls already?

    Sure it’s cool to have the Big Daddy visor and clomping boots, but after complaints about the visor obstructing vision and the idea of hearing the Big Daddy boots thumping around wherever you go throughout the ENTIRE GAME I think some people made some rational decisions.

    And the Big Sister looks awesome. They intended it to be a quick and lithe creature, but with the suit and demeanor of a Big Daddy. Did they achieve it? Dammit they did.

    Seriously it sounds like you’re some whiny brat typing this up. I hope you can make a more appealing blog in the future. *steals concept art*

    • Sang says:

      The Big Sister does not look awesome. It’s a patchwork between Nomura’s generic leather straps everywhere and a bad gothic heavy metal band. It goes against the aesthetics of the first game, where despite the fanastical concept, the art and creatures (including the Big Daddy’s) felt ingrained in the 1940’s/50’s. The Big Sister looks like an FFX-era random encounter.

      And PS, I’d rather be considered a whiny brat than a judgmental little fucker. I’m giving an opinion on a fucking video game, not how fat your mother is.

  7. Dogma says:

    Your giving your opinion on a video game? Which one? Has it even been released yet? Look at yourself when you call someone else a judgmental little fucker.

    • Sang says:

      Whoa, you still have your panties in a bunch over this? Man, get over it. I really don’t know why you’re so angry because from what I’ve written it seems I’m pretty positive for the game. It’s like meeting someone who loved Return of the King, but nitpicked the long ass ending and attacking him for it.

      And I’m not judging the game, I’m giving my thoughts on it. If I judged the game, I’d have said it’s good/bad and that was it. I was giving an opinion. You’re the one who started the unnecessary personal attacks for what? The retarded Big Sister design? That’s pretty fucked up.

  8. The little sisters are still around because Bioshock took place across a relatively small portion of Rapture. Jack didn’t encounter every little sister in the whole city of Rapture, just the ones he happened to come across while completing the various tasks given to him. It’s a very big city.

    As for the big daddy complaints, you didn’t control like a “real” big daddy in the first game because you weren’t. Real big daddies are physically mutated and grafted permanently into their suits, whereas Jack just threw on an empty suit, sprayed himself with pheromones, and had his vocal chords altered. The player character big daddy of the new title is a prototype, and as such, has been said to have greater speed and agility than a “production model” big daddy, but lacks some of the bulk and armor.

    As for the HUD, would you really want to play through an entire 12-hour game looking out of that circular glass pane in the diving suit? Ugh.

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