Action Comics – The best Superman comic on the market…



…and there’s no Superman! Who would’ve thought that a Superman series, devoid of Superman, and starring two unknown (well, one of them) characters would turn out to be one of the better series’ on the market?

I know I sure as hell didn’t and I don’t even know why I started reading this. I swear, my recollections of the day went like this: Breakfast, studied on campus, exam, basketball, Action Comics 875 and 876, pizza, studying, blog entry.

How the hell did Action Comics snake its way in there? You know what? I’m dwelling on this way too much. These two issues, 875-876, proved to be some of the most engrossing Kryptonian related material since just before the New Krypton arc started. You know, when Action Comics was good. The new arc stars Nightwing and Flamebird, two heroes who take on the mantle of legendary Kryptonian heroes (this isn’t copying Dick Grayson. Dick’s Nightwing is based on the Kryptonian hero). Their mission? To take down five Kryptonians placed within Earth’s upperclass.

This is far more interesting than that synopsis sounds when you – massiv spoilers being! – find out that Nightwing is actually the recently set free Christopher Kent! Here I thought the kid was all but forgotten about. Flamebird? Some Kyrptonian chick named Thara.

What really sets this new arc apart from the other Superman monthlies is just how brutal it all is. Issue 876 is essentially Ursa (Zod’s lover and Chris’ biological mother) slicing the hell out of Flamebird with a fucking Kryptonite knife! How crazy is that shit? And what a crazy knifing it is. As you can see from the picture, it wasn’t pretty. My God, this was probably the single bloodiest issue in any Superman story (minus Infinite Crisis) I’ve read in a good long while.

Even without the bloodied carnage, though, Greg Rucka writes a fantastic inner monologue for the psychotic Ursa, all the while dropping just enough exposition into the dialogue to make you interested in finding out more. And that ending scene with Chris floating outside of Lois Lane’s, his mother for all intents and purposes, apartment promises nothing but awesome in the next issue.


6 Responses to Action Comics – The best Superman comic on the market…

  1. Hectorus Rex says:

    That last “Hello, Mom.” line made me just exhale and say to myself, “FUCK! I LOVE SUPERMAN!!!” Superman and his whole universe is like my favourite shit ever. Blackest Night’s release is killing me but Supes Secret Origin is something that I want to stab myself everyday because I can’t read it yet.

    • Sang says:

      Still, do you think Johns is going to change THAT much for Supes secret origin? I mean, the origin’s been done twenty times over.

  2. Hectorcles says:

    Well no, but Superman Birthright is by FAR one of my favourite Superman stories ever and I’ve read it like 6 times now.

    • Sang says:

      I’ve heard good things about Birthright but never bothered to read it. I don’t know if I should read the “official” origin when the “new” official origin comes out soon.

      • Hectorcles says:

        One of the bettr Supes stories out there. It’s like reading All-Star. You read it but know it isn’t actually in any sort of continuity but it’s still the best shit ever.

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