Less Than Zero sequel? Hell yes!

You know what he just did...

You know what he just did...

I’m sure a lot of people haven’t actually seen Less Than Zero, but many have heard of it. It’s the “Robert Downey Jr. giving head” movie. It isn’t exactly masterpiece material, but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, and it’s a blast seeing any movie with both Downey and James Spader together, chewing up the screen like only they can.

Well, while perusing my other guilty pleasure Perez Hilton (screw that, there’s no guilt to be had) I came upon the news that a Less Than Zero sequel novel is in the works! This enlightened me in two fold:

1) There was a book? Huh.

2) This could mean a sequel!

Now that Downey’s resurrected his career to heights eclipsing what he had before and James Spader coming off one of the greatest TV series ever with Boston Legal, I would be ecstatic to see them back on the big screen together.


One Response to Less Than Zero sequel? Hell yes!

  1. coastlover says:

    Any movie that Spader and Downey are in together is a movie for me! Both Less Than Zero and Tuff Turf are guilty pleasures for that reason. One can only hope that if there is a sequel both of these talented actors will be in it to continue Julian’s and Rip’s saga. (I know, I know….Julian died in the movie…but he didn’t die in the book!)

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