Thief 4? Please, Lord, let this be true.

Please. Be. True.

Please. Be. True.

Thief was one of those gaming series, in my mind (and my mind is just), that felt like more than a game. It could be that at the time of release there weren’t anything resembling competition, or it could be that Thief was freaking awesome.

Unlike the faux stealth of Metal Gear Solid, Thief absolutely felt like you were actually sneaking through large, menacing fortresses. I should know, I do so on a regular basis. Except replace ‘fortress’ with ’10×10 bedroom’ and ‘sneak’ with ‘stumbling about’.

I digress. The series was awesome, and these rumours swirling around the interwebs have me absolutely ecstatic. Please let this be true. I will absolutely pay you Wednesday for Thief 4 today.

Well, I’d pay you Thursday seeing that I’m on a budget. Okay, Friday.

Next Tuesday.


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