Weekly Manga Wrapup: Pearl Edition!

Can you say, "fucking pwned?" Of course you can't, 'pwned' isn't a fucking word!

Can you say, "fucking pwned?" Of course you can't, 'pwned' isn't a fucking word!

This is the start of my weekly column containing itty-bitty-mini-reviews of the manga chapters I’m currently following. There may be spoilers, so if you aren’t into that I don’t recom-Dumbledore Dies!-mend you continue reading this.

Naruto 442:

The exciting conclusion promised last week…doesn’t happen here. Which annoys me because lies are like acid to my mood. In typical shounen fashion, it ends right on the money shot, leaving us to wonder another week what the fuck will happen.

Rating: 3 out of 5, for Kishimoto being a lying little bitch.

One Piece 538:

One Piece chapters fall into two categories for me:

1. Action issues, where its almost a non-stop overflow of bloodied manhood. Impel Down’s been mostly this up until now, and its been glorious.

2. The explanation chapter, where the series slows to a standstill so character can suddenly jump into a ten chapter long flashback, or people just talk about WHAT WE HAD JUST SEEN.

Unfortunately, this week’s One Piece was the latter. Just a bunch of word bubbles  floating around gender bending okamas. Sure there was a nice One Piece moment on the last page with Luffy defying everyone’s expectations, but honestly, who didn’t see that coming? (Unless you’re blind, in which case I apologise. Actually, no I don’t because you didn’t just read that)

Rating: 2 out of 5, for a Nazi okama queen/king having a Shakespearean monologue.

You're a douchbag, Mr. Kurosaki.

You're a douchebag, Mr. Kurosaki.

Bleach 352:

So, what can we learn from chapter 352? Hollow-Ichigo is one giant, smelly, penis of a friend. Aside from that? Absolutely nothing else. Ichigo stabs an already armless Ishida. Gasp, shock, ambivalence.

Still, I have to note that of everyone this arc, Ishida’s definitely getting the shot end of the stick. I mean, the dude gets his ass kicked repeatedly, loses and arm and now has a fucking katana stuck in him.

Rating: 1 out of 5, for being a chapter that didn’t need to exist.

Fairy Tail 129:

Festival’s over, Lucy meets her dad, everyone’s going out for a mission. Lucy finds out dead beat dad is in danger, demands everyone go to rescue him. I assume they all say yes next week.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5, for excessive scenes of Lucy’s cleavage.

D.Gray-Man 182:

Now this is why I read manga. Just the right amount of exposition, followed by copious amounts of blood letting and a grand, juicy bits-filled finale. And I simply can’t fathom how the mangakacan draw so many detailed panels week in and week out. Probably the best drawn manga/comic on the market right now.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5, deducted .5 for not having Lenalee to stand around and be useless, but adorable.

Well, there’s the wrapup. Sorry for the lack of shoujo on the list, but, like, I’m a dude. Overall, a very lacking week with one bright spot in D.Gray-Man.


4 Responses to Weekly Manga Wrapup: Pearl Edition!

  1. […] I am not the only one annoyed at Bleach’s decrepit pacing. This makes me happy. Posted by ihateyouranimes Filed […]

  2. ihateyouranimes says:

    I also hated the latest Bleach chapter(s). ‘Pacing issues’ doesn’t even begin to describe it…

  3. I haven’t read any Manga for a long time. The last thing I read, I think, was Scryed.

    • Fernando says:

      Besides this super cool anime, I totally met snoomee named jenna that reminds me of you. hehe. You’re definitely prettier but she has the red hair and your skin tone and your height. its freakin’ crazy. its like you came to UCD with me. wow.

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