PS2 price drop! PS3 hates being the youngest child…

Look at me, I'm costing what I should've four years ago!

Look at me, I'm costing what I should've four years ago!

I have a Playstation 2. I love it as if it were my child. Hell, if I had a child, my child would be very upset that daddy keeps taking big brother PS2 out for ice cream while she’s stuck at home sweeping the chimney.

That must be what the PS3 feels like right now. Overweight, high maintenance and, for some reason, the least popular console on the market. And what does papa Sony do? Does he cut the PS3’s price point so it can appeal to more people? Kind of like throwing a super sweet (let’s see here…oh, right) 3, hoping the chocolate fountain of a price cut can garner lil’ fatty some love, no matter how artificial?

Nope, papa Sony takes PS2, the prodigal son, out for a steak dinner and leaves poor lil fatty home to play with itself.

Horrendous metaphors aside, this wasn’t exactly the news fence sitters were waiting for but all knew was going to happen.  Says Sony CEO Jack Tretton, “fuck the PS3.”

Don’t quote me on that.


3 Responses to PS2 price drop! PS3 hates being the youngest child…

  1. Why would Sony do that? The PS2 still sells regardless. The PS3 needs to get the hell off the shelves and into people’s living rooms. If more people had one, at least Sony would be making up a bit of the cut in software sales and could mooch off of some of the success of the PS2.

    Microsoft dropped the 360 down during Christmas and it’s now cheaper than the Wii. Seriously, what the hell? Microsoft sells a broken product, but at least it’s cheaper…I guess. I still purchased a PS3, but I already had all of the other consoles.

    My PS3 is now the console I play the most. It was worth it, but not everyone can dish out cash as well as someone in my situation(living at home, making $20.20 an hour). Hell, I purchased a 47″ LCD and surround sound at the same time as my PS3. *shrugs* Not everyone is in my position and dedicates funds to gaming like I do. They should be targeting people with budgets for realistic stuff, like rent, food, and mortgages.

    Maybe when Sony releases their next console they will make it a bit more price friendly.

    • mymand says:

      I know. I just don’t understand. I know Sony’s currently trying to close the red gap in every PS3 sold, but Sony should NOT be focusing on profits from hardware at this point. Take the hit, get more consoles into people’s hands and wait for the REAL source of profits to flow in – from royalties of games sold!

  2. Well, from a company riding on the complete success of two previous consoles, I am really surprised at how stupid they are acting. Maybe there’s something we just don’t know about that isn’t being disclosed. Maybe Sony needs to give some sort of explanation on how they make their pricing decisions. I am lost.

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